Thursday, July 24, 2014

Okay so to wrap things up…this fanfic is awesome and I’m not even kidding everyone who likes 5sos should start reading it. She’s only three chapters in so far but it’s really good and I’m super excited to see where she goes with it!

sleep with him! sleep with him! sleep with him!

"I thought you were just gonna buy her a friggin’ ice cream and call it a night!"

"Should I stay the night in his hotel room?" Uhhh yeah bitch you don’t say no to that



Shit Ashton just ran into her someone’s gonna be piiiiissed

Okay I’m reading that Ashton fanfic now sooo prepare for my live blogging hehe

Personal Imagine for Lin


Imagine: In Niall and Zayn’s defense, they didn’t know about you and Liam. You and Liam had agreed to keep things between you on the down-low. After seeing what being the public eye had done to Liam’s past serious relationships, you both decided that a quiet, nonexclusive, casual fling together would be the best thing for both of you. Of course, you couldn’t help but wonder what it would like to be in a real relationship with Liam Payne. But you decided that the inevitable pain and disappointment that would come out of it wouldn’t be worth it, and Liam completely agreed. Regardless, you can’t help but notice the way Liam’s prominent jaw tenses as he watches Niall and Zayn’s hands grab you and roam around your body as you laugh hysterically. “Give us the remote, Lin!” Niall shouts playfully, tickling your sides.
"Never!" You squeal, moving closer to Zayn to avoid Niall’s tickles. Zayn chuckles and reaches from behind you to try and grab the remote from your hands. You continue to squirm and giggle until you see Liam stand up wordlessly, walking quickly out of the room. You sigh and drop the television remote in Niall’s lap and stand up. "Alright, I surrender. For now!" You tease. You turn and head into the kitchen, where you find Liam sitting at the table, drinking a beer he found in your refrigerator. "Hey!" You greet him cheerfully, pretending like you hadn’t noticed the death glares he’d been sending towards Niall and Zayn just minutes earlier. Liam doesn’t say a word as he takes another swig from his bottle. "Hellooo?" You coax, sitting down next to him and poking his cheek. Liam doesn’t look at you as he chugs the rest of his drink and shoves the bottle away from him.
"Liam, you aren’t seriously ignoring me are you?" You ask, feeling somewhat annoyed. "You’re actually angry just because Niall and Zayn and I were just messing around?"
"Nope." Liam finally responds, popping the ‘P.’ "Not angry at all."

Liam scoots his chair away from you, pretending like the far wall is the most interesting thing he’s ever seen.
"I don’t see why you’re so upset." You huff. "It was your idea to keep our relationship casual. You’re the one who wanted to leave things open. If you don’t want to be exclusive, then don’t act all surprised when there are other guys who actually want to be with me."
Liam looks as though he wants to argue. You want him to argue too. You want him to tell you that you’re wrong - that he wants to be with you too. But instead he continues to stay silent, not even glancing your way. You sit there for a moment. Then, you move your chair closer to him again, determined to get his attention. “Liam.” You say. No response. “Leeeyuummm.” You say again, this time quieter as you reach out to gently set your hand on his thigh. Liam tenses slightly, but continues to ignore you. Taking this as a good sign, you lean in as your slide your hand up his thigh slowly. “Are you really going to ignore me forever?” You whisper in his ear. Liam freezes. “M-maybe.” He whispers back. You press your lips to the spot where his jaw meets his neck. “I don’t think you can.” You mumble before moving your lips down his neck, kissing and nipping at his warm skin.
"Lin, don’t…" Liam groans, but his body language says otherwise as he leans in closer to you.
"Want me to stop?" You ask. Liam nods his head. You start to pull away, but then Liam grabs your waist, pulling you back in. "No. Don’t stop. I need you."
Liam smashes his lips into yours, pressing his entire body against yours. His lips move from your mouth to the hollow of your neck as you wrap your arms around his neck. Liam grabs your waist and lifts you up so that you’re sitting on the table. “I do want to be with you.” He mumbles against your skin.
Liam pulls away and looks at you, his brown eyes meeting yours. “What you said earlier. I want to be with you. And I was jealous.”
You smile before leaning in and pressing your mouth to his, hearts pounding in your chests as your lips move together in passionate synchronization. Liam pulls away suddenly, but you just let your lips travel elsewhere. “Go out with me.” Liam whispers. You ignore him as you continue to kiss his jawline. “Lin.” Liam says, gently moving your cheek so you’re looking at him. “Go out with me. For real. On a date. Please?”
You blink at him in shock. “You want to go on a real date? Like, be in an actual relationship?”
"Yes. I really like you and I don’t care about the consequences anymore. Just hooking up feels…wrong. I want this to be right. I want to be with you."
You pretend to ponder his offer, before breaking into a huge smile and wrapping your arms around his neck. “Of course I’ll go on a date with you!”
Liam grins before leaning in and pressing his lips chastely to yours. “So when will this date be?” You ask cheekily.
"Tomorrow? It’ll be special, I promise." Liam responds. He cups his hands under your bum and lifts you up in his arms before carrying you upstairs. "But tonight…we’re gonna finish what you started."

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Anonymous said: DUDE. Have you READ that fanfic you posted about yesterday?! IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!